Download Video from Pinterest - Photo & Gif

Download Video from Pinterest - Photo & Gif
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You can download Pinterest videos, photos, and gifs without logging in or signing up, and you can do so at any moment.

Video Downloader from Pinterest

Download the video from Pinterest

Our Pinterest video downloading tools are a terrific method to save videos from Pinterest without having to provide login information. We also offer 100 percent free downloads of Pinterest images, stories, and gifs. We created a Pinterest downloader application for you that makes it easier to download Pinterest videos and photographs. Simply copy and paste the URL to download the video from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a popular social media platform that allows users to share images, videos, and animated gifs. Pinterest is a fantastic benefit for users in that it has a fantastic visual search engine for finding videos, photos, and images for your ideas and projects. Pinterest features pins and boards where you can effortlessly arrange your pins.

Pinterest is a fun visual social networking platform where you may share photographs, videos, images, stories, and gifs just like any other social media platform, and where you can easily locate visual material about anything that interests you. Pinterest users can also submit any content and hyperlink it, and link sharing is one of the features that distinguishes Pinterest.

Download Video from Pinterest - Photo & Gif

We're thrilled to announce that XOXO now allows you to download Pinterest videos for free. Our Pinterest video downloader is a free, quick, and safe way to save any video, photo, gif, or image from Pinterest.

To download a video from Pinterest, simply copy the link and paste it into the XOXO search box, then click the download option. Our server syncs that URL and serves your Pinterest video, photo, gif, and story downloads instantly.

Download videos, images, and gifs from Pinterest with Pinterest Video Downloader.

Pinterest Video Downloader is a free online program that allows you to download any videos, images, or gifs from XOXO allows you to download Pinterest videos in mp4, 720p, and HD resolution.

How can I save videos from Pinterest?

XOXO is a free online video downloader from Pinterest. You may quickly download videos from Pinterest from this page. You can also download gifs and images from Pinterest in addition to the movie. It's a free internet video downloader.

By the way, I'd like to point out that Pinterest is a social media platform where individuals from all over the world post videos and photographs for marketing. However, there is no way to download videos from Pinterest. Pinterest Video Downloader, on the other hand, makes it simple to download movies and images from Pinterest.

Now I'll show you how to download Pinterest videos, gifs, and photographs from your laptop, desktop, mobile device, Android, or iPhone, so let's get started.

How can I download videos from Pinterest on my phone?

To begin, go to the Pinterest website or app on your smartphone.

Then, in the search field, type "video" in the search box. Then you'll get a list of numerous Pinterest videos.

Then click on any video you want to download, and it will open in a new window. If you wish to download that video, you'll notice a transmit name button on it. You select it by clicking on it. Then a copy icon will appear. The link to your video will be copied if you click the copy icon.

Then you put the copied link into the XOXO website's search box and hit the download button.

You will be given a link in which to download the video, and you will be able to do so.

How Do I Download Videos From Pinterest On My Computer?

To begin, you go to the website. Go to the search box and type in "videos." After that, you'll see a collection of videos. You can choose any video you want to watch.

Your video will be played after you click the video; now you must click the video's submit button. As shown in the illustration below.

You will get a menu after hitting the transmit button. Now you must click the link button, and your video URL will be copied when you click the link button.

You must now go to the Pinterest video downloader website and put the copied video's link into the search box.

After pasting the video link into the search box, click the download button; you will now be presented with a list of video links from which you can download the video.

"To download, right-click on the download button (or tap and hold if using a mobile device) and choose the Save/Download option," says the website.

Pinterest Video Downloader has the following features: It is quick, simple, and secure.

You don't have to sign in to your Pinterest account.

With only one click, you may download Pinterest videos, images, and gifs.

Save and save Pinterest videos in their original resolution and quality (HD or 720p).

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the format of a Pinterest video that has been downloaded?

Our Pinterest Video Downloader pulls MP4 HD quality video links based on the available quality of the Pinterest video. You have the option of downloading whatever you wish.

Is it possible to convert a Pinterest video to an MP4 file?

Yes, you can quickly convert a video from Pinterest to an MP4 file.

What are compatible gadgets?

Pinterestvideodownloader allows you to download videos from Pinterest on any device or operating system. Downloading Pinterest videos is possible on iPhones, Android phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

How do I save live Pinterest videos to my computer?

To download a live Pinterest video, you must first wait for it to stop streaming, after which you may download it like any other video by entering the video link into the online Pinterest video downloader.

Save MP4 in [Highest Quality] with Pinterest Video Downloader

The quickest and most convenient way to download Pinterest videos off the internet. Pinterest Video Downloader allows you to save MP4 files directly to your device. IOS and Android are both supported.


Copy the link

After selecting a video, click the Share button in the bottom right corner and then the Copy Link button.

Copy and paste the link

Copy the video link from Pinterest and paste it into the entry form above.

Now is the time to download!

To discover which files are available for download, click the download icon.

Pinterest is one of the most popular online photo and video sharing platforms, and it displays photos and videos depending on your interests. You should use our Pinterest video downloader tool if you come across any photo or video on Pinterest that you want to save to your device and share with your friends. The main reason for this is that Pinterest does not allow users to download videos from the site, which is why we provide our services.

How do you save a movie, a GIF, or an image from to your computer?

Pinterest does not allow users to download videos, GIFs, PDFs, or images from the site. XOXO, on the other hand, is a really useful tool for quickly downloading movies on Pinterest. To download videos from a PC, follow the steps below.

To begin, go to and type the keyword into the search box. Select a video from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Now, when you click the video's send button, a menu will appear.

Step 3: Copy the video URL and enter it into the website of the Pinterest video downloader.

Step 4: Finally, press the download button. A screen will pop up with download links for selected videos.

Step 5: Right-click the download button and select Save/Download from the menu that appears.

How can I save videos from Pinterest on my phone, Android, or IOS?

Our video downloader makes it simple to download videos from Pinterest. To download the movie from Pinterest on Android or iOS, follow these steps:

To begin, go to on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Next, use the search box to find a video on any topic. A list of videos will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Select any Pinterest video and press the submit button.

Step 4: After you click the send button, a box will appear with the video's copy URL. Copy the URL by clicking on it.

Step 5: Paste the copied link into the field above the search box. Select the "Download" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: A screen will display a link to your video, which you can quickly download.

Other characteristics

Our tool allows you to download an unlimited number of videos, and we're not joking! Furthermore, you can accomplish so without spending a single dime of your own money. The speed with which the video downloads will astound you, but this is entirely dependent on your internet connection. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Start downloading your favorite Pinterest videos and tell your friends about this application!

Quick, simple, and safe.

You are not required to log into your account.

With just one click, you can download videos, images, and gifs.

Save and download videos in their original resolution and quality (HD or 720p).



Pinterest can be found at

Do you enjoy making paper crafts? Do you like to decorate your house? Do you have a thing for cute dog pictures? Do you enjoy experimenting with new recipes? You can make different boards for each of these hobbies on Pinterest.

Before Pinterest, you'd probably find an interesting recipe in a magazine, cut it out, and file it away. All you have to do with Pinterest is "pin" a lasagna, blueberry muffin, or clam chowder recipe to a board.

Pinterest is not only useful for personal usage but it can also be used by businesses. Entrepreneurs may use Pinterest to build brand authority by giving helpful and informative information to their audience in the form of infographics, expand their reach by working with other pinners (such as BHG's Group Board), and drive traffic to their website.

It's no secret that many people enjoy looking at pictures, and this is where Pinterest's strength resides. The platform allows users to transmit information that cannot be conveyed through text alone. Pinterest also has a user-friendly UI, as well as useful apps and browser extensions.

Looking backward in time

Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp created Pinterest in March 2010. The platform's development began in December 2009, and by March 2010, an invitation-only beta version was ready.

Until the summer of 2011, the site was still run out of a modest apartment. Pinterest was named one of Time's "50 Best Websites of 2011" on August 11th. With roughly 11 million weekly visits by December, the site has grown to become one of the most popular social media networks. It was also awarded the best new startup of 2011 by TechCrunch.

Pinterest surpassed Facebook and Twitter as the third most popular social media platform in 2012. The site no longer required an invitation to join by August.

Pinterest has the following features:


Users can construct multiple boards to display their various interests. For example, a user can make a board called "Organizing My Home" and pin everything that will help them get their home back in order. They can repin from other Pinterest users or pin from the web (using the Pin It button that can be installed on a Chrome browser).


Secret Boards are only available to you and anyone you invite. Regular boards are visible to everyone. If you're planning a surprise party and don't want your friends or family to know what you're up to, these are ideal.


You can use this to invite others to collaborate on a board. With their "Blogger Faves from" and "Blogger Recipes We Love" boards, BHG does an excellent job doing this.


If you come across a pin that you believe your friend will enjoy, you can send it to them through Pinterest. The "Send" option can be used to send a pin to friends on Facebook or via email.


After your website has been confirmed, you can use Pinterest Analytics. Site Metrics, Most Recent, Most Re-pinned, and Most Clicked are all available on the Analytics page. These analytics are useful if you're a blogger or a business owner since they show you which kind of material your audience engages with the most.


This feature is very useful if you have a lot of pins. Rather than browsing your boards to determine if you've already pinned it, Pinterest informs you that you have.

Other things to consider

Pinterest is stringent about being very active on the platform since they believe you're spamming them. If you pin too much, follow too many people, and like too many things, they will suspend your account without hesitation. You can wait 24 hours for the suspension to be lifted, but if it isn't, you'll need to contact their customer service to reactivate your account.

Pinterest currently has limits on boards, pins, and likes. They are as follows:

Pinterest has 350 boards, 100,000 likes, and 100,000 top brands.

Nordstrom L.L. Bean

Etsy: Lowe's Everyday Health


It's difficult not to fall in love with Pinterest. It's simple to use and may keep you entertained for hours. The platform is extremely adaptable, making it ideal for both entertainment and corporate marketing. This isn't simply a hunch; the design's enormous success and widespread popularity speak for themselves. If you aren't already utilizing Pinterest for personal or business purposes, we recommend that you do so.

You are invited to visit our Pinterest account at

If you have any Pinterest-related questions or comments, or if you'd like to share information about your personal or company profile with us, please leave them in the comments section below.

Pinterest is a must-have app for passionate pinners, according to our evaluation.

Pinterest's Android, iPhone, and iPad apps already do a great job with the essentials. They've gotten even better with the most recent upgrade.

Pinterest, one of the most popular websites on the Internet, is available as a native mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You may browse through pins and boards, add your pins, and change account settings in each app, which is tailored to each platform.

You may quickly establish a Pinterest account right from the app if you don't already have one. Simply complete the initial setup, touch a few photos, and let Pinterest select a group of users to follow. After you've completed your setup, you can begin browsing pins, repinning other people's pins, and pinning your own. The app opens to your primary dashboard, which displays a feed of all the people and boards you follow, just like the Pinterest website. From here, you can swipe down through your feed, search, or make a new pin using an existing or new photo on your smartphone.

To see all of Pinterest's many categories, swipe right (Android) or tap the menu button (iOS) from the main screen. You can browse through the same categories as on the website, including Everything, Popular, Animals, Men's Fashion, Weddings, Humor, and more. It's also simple to look for certain pins, boards, or people.